Batch Pick Carts

Ideal for warehouses with thousands of SKUs, where technologies such as Pick or Put to Light would not cost justify. Enables you to batch pick multiple order simultaneously while having the ability to complete orders and induct new ones on the fly.  Typically applied to the 80% of SKUs that represent 20% of volume with 1 to 50 pickers.


  • SKU Independent – Single Cart Can Service and Unlimited Number of SKUs
  • Improves Accuracy – Items and/or Locations are Scanned with Bar Code Scanner for Verification
  • Improves Productivity by Organizing Picks in Walk Sequence
  • Improves Productivity – Pickers Pick Multiple Orders with Each Walk Through the Pick Line
  • Real Time Productivity Tracking
  • Real Time Updates of Shorts
  • Real Time Inventory Updates
  • Facilitates Picking of Any Size and Shape Item, Including Soft Goods and Irregular Shaped Items
  • Low Cost – Typical Cart Cost Similar to an Industrial RF Terminal
  • Easy to Expand – Simply Purchase Additional Carts
  • Utilizes Existing 802.11 Networks in Most Cases
  • Can Include Label Printers for On Demand Printing of Price Stickers, Box labels, Etc.
  • Provides Dynamic Cubing Capability Allowing a Manifest for Every Carton Packed