Put to light

In pick to light, each SKU has its own or in some cases shared module location. This means that when the order is moved into the picker’s zone, each SKU needed for that order will illuminate a pick to light module, the picker will then pick the items in that zone from those locations, extinguish the lights, and pass the order to the next zone.

In contrast, items for the orders in a Put to Light system are usually batch picked in the warehouse and brought to the Put to Light system. The picker will scan a SKU and all the locations that need that item will illuminate. The picker will “PUT” the item to each location, often on a Put Wall, and extinguish the light. As soon as the order has filled, the location will illuminate and display the word “done”. This order is now fulfilled and can be removed from the location and is ready for shipment.


  • Very low power consumption
  • Increases picker productivity and accuracy providing a fast return on investment
  • Picker accountability is maintained for every pick
  • Optional Zone-less operation requires no zone balancing or order profiling
  • Provides real time shorting of orders and directed replenishment
  • PC based system integrates easily with warehouse management systems
  • System is simple to operate and requires minimal operator training
  • Each device has on-board diagnostics allowing local verification of device operation
  • Proven BUS design allows very fast installation and reconfiguration
  • Multicolored two or four-digit display and task complete button
  • Up down indicator lights
  • Mounts on any Rack